Sunday, 6 July 2008

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.....

I wanted to talk about this movie that I saw today - Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.
Well I will start like this that I do not like Hindi Movies - I am generally a English movie buff - on the other hand my wify is a Hindi movie fan and it is very rare if at all that together we miss too many movies. As far as going and seeing this movie was concerned - well it did not take any pressure from my better half as I take Amir Khan as one of the producers - directors that spells class and will go for whatever he produces.

The movie is really good - in a sense that we sawa it as a family and spent a part of sunday together and came out smiling out of the cinema hall feeling good. There was a time that no movie was being produced that one could see as a family as there was too much dirt - moral or otherwise to be comfortable with the kids sitting watching the movie.

As far as the movie goes - well there is a girl and there is a boy. Both are extremely different yet are extremely close to each other. Girl is rich, tongue-in-cheek, dominant and aggressive while the boy has had a middle class upbringing and is submissive, soft-spoken and calm. Opposites attract and so do they but not as lovers, as friends! So when do they realize its love?

Worth every penny and time spent along with the family to see this movie - go out and am sure that you will love it -- and ofcourse do not go with your thinking caps on your heads - go with a open mind to enjoy an evening with friends and family and expect only this much.

Three cheers to Amir for giving me a wonderful evening.

A special mention for the music the music is youthful, foot tapping and energetic. Kuddos to AR Rahman yet again.


geniusjaggu said...

i dint know,u also write movie reviews...OFL(yes,its On Floor Laugh..R i lost some where in the mkt Roll downtrend!!!!) the way..i liked ur little sweet girl your previous post(in first pic..of course..not last!!!)..OFL

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Akhil said...

Cheema Sir

Good to know that your are Movie Buff...Watch 21 I bet u will not regret my choice.


lalit said...

Cheema Sir,
What a change, from a person who had to be dragged for a movie to a person who writes latest movie reviews. I guess change of place did wonders for you. Happy viewing.

Uma said...

I hate that bloke Aamir, what a self-obsessed little rat! I think Shahrukh Khan is WAY better and more professional.