Friday, 20 November 2015

Lifer update: Little Forktail

The Forktails as a group are very distinctive pied, entirely 'Riverine Chats' and are generally long tailed. These birds songs are reduced or absent, and voice typically consists of buzzes, rattles or high pitched short whistles.

The Little Forktail is the smallest of the forktail with short, notched tail with black in the centre and the whites in the sides. The bird is about 12 cm and occurs in NE Afghanistan, N Pakistan through Himalayas to NE Arunachal and S Assam hills.

Little Forktail

It spends its summers from 1800-4000 m and moves down in winters to 1000 m (Locally 300 m) (Oct to Mar). It pumps and flares its tail like a Plumbeous water-redstart.

I got this lifer on a day - when I was almost bored to death and decided to go out birding in Lower Himalayan hills near Chandigarh at a place called Chakki Modh.

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