Monday, 28 March 2016

Behaviour: Jerdon's Leafbird

Any birder will swear by the attraction that termite holds for the birds. I have myself - in the days as a child - to catch Quails and Francolins gone in the country side probing semi dried cow dungs to check them for termites and used those picks to attract birds. Well in the bird world they are juice, full of proteins and sort after during the breeding season especially when high protein diet is in high demand.

That being said, we had gone for birding to a lake near Hyderabad where there were huge trees infested by termites. There we saw these Leafbird breaking off the mud cakes of termites covering these trees and eating termites. It was interesting in the sense that this is the first time I had observed this bird doing so. For that matter - I do not recall any other bird doing so other than the woodpeckers.

The bird was clearing the termite mud cakes and enjoying a great snack.
In the hind sight I feel I should have also clicked a small video of the act - was interesting to say the least.

An unrelated photograph to this writeup - but just wanted to put in a close up of the bird

One more picture of the bird caught in the act...

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