Thursday, 26 May 2016

The bird that called me... Clamorous Reed Warbler

The Clamorous Reed Warbler is an Old World warbler that one will find at really wide range in the Indian Subcontinent. If I say - the entire Indian Subcontinent I will not be wrong. As with any bird with such large ranges - they tend to have a lot of variations in shades and plumages across the range. Infact the bird in Sri Lanka is endemic to the island. 

The bird is largely sedentary except the breeding birds in Pakistan, Afghanistan and North India that migrate, wintering in peninsular India and Sri Lanka.

When I visited Basai Wetlands this summer a week back - these reed warblers were vocally very active but as expected just not interested in getting themselves photographed. Though I did get some good sightings but all were brief and too short to photograph them. Then as I got ready to set course back I had one bird sitting on a branch nearby and shouting on the top of its voice. I really did not know whether or not it was challenging me or some other bird - but it definitely gave a wonderful opportunity to stare and admire the bird and of course - to click some great snaps. Presenting here are two snaps of the said bird.

My singing bird: Clamorous Reed Warbler
Same bird, when it did manage to keep quite for a second or so...

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