Saturday, 24 May 2008

I am found of photography and that is about it. Always strived to have very good equipment but have make done with prosumer digicams in the recent times. What I intend is to post some photographs that have a story to tell in my life and would like to start wit the best one that I have. Well I was posted to a GOD forsaken post in remote part our country on our northern border with POK. There the days during the winters were bad to say the least. Days and days of snow with lots of patrolling, avalanches and tough times. Then came the first signs of spring and I said WOW look at all the greenery. Suddenly we had another bad weather day and again those bouts of depression started. Then one day I was on a patrol when I saw these beautiful flowers forcing the snow around them to melt and blooming. They taught me to never give up and till now have a special part in my life. And here I bring you those wonderful motivating flowers.

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Uma said...

wow! flowers fighting snow! flower power in a whole new light!
I totally believe in that...never give up and always believe in yourself. Apne sapnon ki bahut izzat karo.