Sunday, 25 May 2008

View to of the world

I talked about my post along the POK. Well it was at 12,500ft + above the sea level. Secluded and nearest help just four hours of walk (ofcourse the walk was downhill) Climbing to the post generally took 8 - 12 hours depending upon the weather. All the movement was at night lest we are fired upon by our friends across the border. All this mind you was before the ceasefire was in place with the present President of Pak.
Some photographs of the post.


geniusjaggu said...

oyye cheemaji,
a BIG kiss from me :-* (muaah) for uploading such beautiful pics...

i love Beautiful Photography, Delicious Food...etc...


meanwhile i will provide a link for this blog in my blog.

S S Cheema said...

Thanks as always jaggu.
Hope I continue to get such friends who appreciate.
Thanks once again.