Thursday, 29 May 2008

I agree.....

I make this post to honour your comment Uma. Yes I have led a life that has been adventurous, simulating and wonderful - all at the same time. And No Uma you are wrong on reading me in a way -- I do not have a craving for recognition -- I really would love to recount some achievements in my life but it is not for trying to make me immortal of any sort. I am what I am -- it is just that you feel some times that the world gives two hoots to how you have contributed towards the society and you are shunned everyday because they either feel you were crazy in the first place to opt for such a profession (read army) or it is just too bad for me as they sleep well everyday without any worry at all.

It is these times I think that whether I have led a good, bad or ugly life people must know that Indian Army has done a wonderful job. That job has not been easy -- either physically or morally. It has taken a toll on me and all those who are in such environment.

So I have this blog where I would subtly put across my life so that they understand a "fauji" a little better. I am a misfit in this society I know (and you too know it by now)--- I do not know how to go ahead with my life normally.

I am now posted in a peace station and I thought that before I get another tour of duty where there is nothing but wilderness let me just flow. Why in stocks? I thought that after the life I have led I want to earn but earn where there is no dirty money. So... that is why I am in stocks. It was my passion and now it has eaten so much from me that I deserve it to give me some back (with interest ofcourse). I want to do well and I do not want it all -- if we share our experiences and if we learn from each other I am sure that we can do better than those getting 10 digit salaries doing the same job.

Jaggu: this one is for you -- you are right that it is all white -- I will only recount one instance -- we woke up one morning and wanted to go for our routine we found that our toilets have all been buried in 40 ft plus of snow. Belive you me that we just did not want to go out in the open to be fodder for enemy sniper in the daylight so we just passed the day somehow. the next night we dug and dug and dug and reached the bottom only when it was about to be bright outside. I could not click any snaps as that was notorious place for en sniping so there was to be no movement by day -- so I clicked this snap when the ceasefire was there -- the snow -- mind you is no longer 40 feet but you will get an idea what i am saying.

The photograph that is also as header on this blog is one of my favourite clicked there and I am posting the original (compressed as the blog does not alow more than 8mb attachments) Hope you like this one and it is coloured too!!


Uma said...

Cheema, my dad worked with the Army and my mum was always unhappy about how little he made...despite being shunted all over India and to some remote places (btw, that is all I am willing to tell you, cause everybody from the army is interested in which regiment? what rank? I am tired of answering such questions and won't.)
My cousins are both fighter pilots and they also seem to be taking huge risks with life...Remember the days when MIGs were called 'flying coffins'?
I am not sure about my own patriotism, cause I know how little I got paid here, and working with Americans brought way more respect and money. Americans are professional and very appreciative. That said, I felt horrified with what their country did in Iraq. I couldn't ever respect Americans after that, and that was when I realized what our country is all about. Also, that projected our own politicians and military in a whole new light.
We are peace-loving, our military is inspired by sacrifice not power, we live a frugal life and believe in working hard (which is why we don't have a huge financial crisis on our hands like US), and families are stronger cause people live and dream for their kids.

Agreed, that fauj is a thankless job. People make movies to glorify it, but forget to do anything for the real people bleeding real blood on the border.

That said, you were long on BHEL and now I hear you're long on Reliance. That is 'over leverage'.
Don't be in so many long positions!
We all know how hard you work for your money, respect it!

The stock market is run by a bunch of CROOKS. Don't go back empty handed to ask for your money back. Carry the weapons of self-control and shrewd thinking. It's like they say about New York 'If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere'.

I've had a bad spell in markets, then I had a brief good spell when I watched the market more and traded less, then I went back to making the same dumb mistakes. Now I have resolved to just watch the market. Fingers off the trigger.
When the right trade comes along, I'll know.

geniusjaggu said...

hmmmm...toilets down in 40 ft plus of snow...grrrr...

by the way like your style of good as always... :)

S S Cheema said...

Thanks for the comments to both of you. Was travelling ... am with my brother and fater .. will update today whenever I get time.