Monday, 9 June 2008

Insignificant life.... or .... is it?

Sorry for such along time since my last update.

Okay today I would like to talk about something that I noticed -- once again when I was on my post in the Northern tip of our country. It was summer time and the entire place was lush green with so many colours floating in the sea of green. One of those days when I had nothing particular to do when I was sitting on the grass after a gruelling patrol that had lasted the entire night -- I noticed a very small fluorescent flower. I noticed that the flower had been tramped upon so many times but it refused to smile. Infact the flower was so small that I really would not have noticed it had I not been sitting down and looking closely.

I wondered -- there in front of me were thousands of colours that were floating in front of my eyes and I never had time in my routine to sit down and admire these small wonders. I was also sure that once my tour of duty that would last for 2years in that place -- I would never on my own climb a mountain for 11 hours to admire flowers. I then stared to photograph the flowers of the valley. In all I counted 100+ varieties and a total of 190+ colours (probably varients of the same types) I tried to photograph and keep a tally/record but unfortunately as was destined probably, one of my memory card (I am talking of a time when I had to save for two months to buy 128mb mem card) gave up. I hunted for some software to retrieve the photographs - but was unfortunate. I am now posting a few of those photographs. Hope you like them.


geniusjaggu said...

second pic(yellow close up) is too amazing and other also excellent...

excellent the way gustaki maaf huzoor...can i know the make of the camera... i m fond of SLR's(i have nikon D40 for playing during free time) :)

geniusjaggu said...

one more thing u can use GetDataBack software (free one) available from

take care

Uma said...

Beautiful pics, especially the third where the backdrop of mountains makes an impact.

Uma said...

oops, I meant the last one (5th not 3rd) Say, the mountains add so much drama cause then you see the contrasts of the thick snow and the blossoms.

Uma said...

Your pix remind me of my childhood...When I was five, my dad had spent a few months in 'Khab' it was way out in the Himalayas and we used to watch the locals cross Sutlej river by handing on to a piece of cloth slung across a rope tied across the river. Oh my God! A freezing river thousands of feet below and life handing by a rope. Just watching them used to make me shiver.
There are many beaches around Pune and my family are beach lovers..except me.
The border fence in one of the pics reminds me of Nathu La (Sikkim) where I went 3 years ago as a tourist...Actually we couldn't make it all the way cause of the snow...they made us turn around from 10 Kms or so.

S S Cheema said...

Thanks Uma and Jaggu for the wonderful and encouraging comments. (Jaggu don't be Jay for Uma's name appearing first -- lady will always be first)
Uma: I have flown extensively in Sikkim and my father was there during 1980 (he too is a fauji - runs in family). What a place Sikkim is. Actually I sometimes wonder how many Indians know how blessed they are to be born in this wonderful country. It is just beautiful. I will next post some photographs of the new fence that has come about on our borders. Worth seeing.
Jaggu: the camera is a 4 mega pixel prosumer -- Nikon 4300 bought in 1999. I am a fan of canon and Nikon and I know how I deserve Nikon D40 and D80. I actually lech for it.
Sorry jaggu -- too late for the recovery software -- these snaps are from 2002 and there was no net there so could not even google an solution.

Uma said...

yea Cheema, actually, Sikkim was not originally a part of India, the Brits annexed Sikkim (a small kingdom) and when India became free, Sikkim became a part of Independent India.