Thursday, 3 November 2011

Colours of nature... Beetle

 I had bought a new Canon 100mm macro and was hunting around for little things to hunt down with my camera. It so happened that I just could not capture anything worthwhile as the butterflies, flowers, Dragonflies and anything interesting were just to busy doing their job for waiting and posing for me. it was the will and a beautiful spider shot that motivated me to continue hunting for more photographs.

After spending better part of month with nothing much to show in Macro Photography and perhaps I was also finding it difficult to justify the purchase to my Finance Minister (read wife) I saw this beautiful bug crawl up my bed one day - like a savior sent by the Heavens above. I clicked away and what I saw myself after I finished was God's wonderful creation - not seen or appreciated by so many. So here I am posting a few Photographs.

After I had finished - I started to read around how I could have made these photographs better. The problem that I saw in these photographs was very shallow Depth Of Field (DOF) that takes a lot of detail from the Beetle. Then I started searching around for a solution and surprisingly came across one that I will be trying in my next photograph and also explaining it in detail - that is if I get it right myself. Till that time please do have a look at these photographs and do leave a comment/leave a advise how I can do it better. All suggestions are welcome. The photographs are available in original full format and will be happy to share to whomsoever asks. Looking forward to Photo Critics. 

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