Friday, 4 November 2011

Purple Swamp Hen....

Purple Swamphen
 Long time back I had gone to Chatbir Zoo in near Chandigarh and saw these birds that looked and behaved like Coots but were purple in colour. Now - almost 20-25 years later I saw the same birds in one of the village ponds and clicked a few snaps. Then I started browsing the feild guide I have of Indian birds to see what they were. They are the Purple Swamp Hens... A fairly straightforward name and digging a bit more gave me an information that their conservation status is not of a major concern.

My point is straight forward. If that be so - how come a crazy person who stares more at birds than females missed spotting these birds for so long. What I am doing now is not only posting the photographs but also the position off the Google maps with Lat and long that whosoever is interested can build up upon it and can use this as data if so desired.

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