Thursday, 29 May 2008

I agree.....

I make this post to honour your comment Uma. Yes I have led a life that has been adventurous, simulating and wonderful - all at the same time. And No Uma you are wrong on reading me in a way -- I do not have a craving for recognition -- I really would love to recount some achievements in my life but it is not for trying to make me immortal of any sort. I am what I am -- it is just that you feel some times that the world gives two hoots to how you have contributed towards the society and you are shunned everyday because they either feel you were crazy in the first place to opt for such a profession (read army) or it is just too bad for me as they sleep well everyday without any worry at all.

It is these times I think that whether I have led a good, bad or ugly life people must know that Indian Army has done a wonderful job. That job has not been easy -- either physically or morally. It has taken a toll on me and all those who are in such environment.

So I have this blog where I would subtly put across my life so that they understand a "fauji" a little better. I am a misfit in this society I know (and you too know it by now)--- I do not know how to go ahead with my life normally.

I am now posted in a peace station and I thought that before I get another tour of duty where there is nothing but wilderness let me just flow. Why in stocks? I thought that after the life I have led I want to earn but earn where there is no dirty money. So... that is why I am in stocks. It was my passion and now it has eaten so much from me that I deserve it to give me some back (with interest ofcourse). I want to do well and I do not want it all -- if we share our experiences and if we learn from each other I am sure that we can do better than those getting 10 digit salaries doing the same job.

Jaggu: this one is for you -- you are right that it is all white -- I will only recount one instance -- we woke up one morning and wanted to go for our routine we found that our toilets have all been buried in 40 ft plus of snow. Belive you me that we just did not want to go out in the open to be fodder for enemy sniper in the daylight so we just passed the day somehow. the next night we dug and dug and dug and reached the bottom only when it was about to be bright outside. I could not click any snaps as that was notorious place for en sniping so there was to be no movement by day -- so I clicked this snap when the ceasefire was there -- the snow -- mind you is no longer 40 feet but you will get an idea what i am saying.

The photograph that is also as header on this blog is one of my favourite clicked there and I am posting the original (compressed as the blog does not alow more than 8mb attachments) Hope you like this one and it is coloured too!!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Only once more................

Okay just had some panaromic views of the place where i spent so much time and have such fond memories...
Then we talk about something else....
Just one request to fellow bloggers -- do leave a word or so of advise, or comment -- it just encourages me.
In the second photograph that you see you see the frontage of the company I commanded. The adversary was across the ridge you see on the horizon and to the right of the photograph. due to some distortion while stitching the photographs it seems that the slopes are gentle but believe you me... they were anything but gentle. to traverse this it used to take an average of 12hours trip going and coming back and the men being pulled up with ropes that you saw in the previous photograph .. they were along short of the highest point along this only. Infact if you look carefully the entire route traversed during the night can be seen on the snow. all along the ropes were tied lest a person gets disoriented or slips down. From the topmost point that you see we lost some equipment that fell down and it was recovered 2Km down in a ravine... well actually it could never be recovered.
The third photograph is the view across and a post on the top. See the fall -- crazy when you will be told that adversary actually tried a climb and assault.

And ...

Before I progress any further -- I am posting the rest of the photographs of my post.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

View to of the world

I talked about my post along the POK. Well it was at 12,500ft + above the sea level. Secluded and nearest help just four hours of walk (ofcourse the walk was downhill) Climbing to the post generally took 8 - 12 hours depending upon the weather. All the movement was at night lest we are fired upon by our friends across the border. All this mind you was before the ceasefire was in place with the present President of Pak.
Some photographs of the post.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

I am found of photography and that is about it. Always strived to have very good equipment but have make done with prosumer digicams in the recent times. What I intend is to post some photographs that have a story to tell in my life and would like to start wit the best one that I have. Well I was posted to a GOD forsaken post in remote part our country on our northern border with POK. There the days during the winters were bad to say the least. Days and days of snow with lots of patrolling, avalanches and tough times. Then came the first signs of spring and I said WOW look at all the greenery. Suddenly we had another bad weather day and again those bouts of depression started. Then one day I was on a patrol when I saw these beautiful flowers forcing the snow around them to melt and blooming. They taught me to never give up and till now have a special part in my life. And here I bring you those wonderful motivating flowers.