Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Birding in Chakki Modh 24 Dec 13.

I went for a Bird Photography walk to Chakki Modh. I was introduced to the place by Mrs Rima Dhillon and have been a fairly regular visitor there. With the winters on us a lot of birds that are otherwise in the higher reaches of Himalayas come down to the lower hills and this place gives some wonderful opportunities to see them and photograph them. 
Well the plan was simple - get up in the morning and drive down to the place (30 - 45 min drive from Chandigarh). 
The day started well - even before I turned on to the road where we usually start birding - we saw a family of Khalij Pheasant (2 Males and one female) crossing the road. I stopped the car and struggled to take out my camera - it gave one of the lessons that I have refused to learn in the past - be prepared at all times with camera - opportunity does not follow your planning. By the time I shot a poorly composed shot out of the front the birds had already run away leaving me with tears in my eyes for the lost opportunity.
 IMG 0286
I then turned on to our birding road and were rewarded by White-Crested Laughing Thrush and Red Billed Leiothrix. The sun was still not up so the pictures were no go. All the same the on our way back we stopped again and could get some descent pictures of the Leiothrix - sadly the White-Crested Thrushes were not there.
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All in all the place just does not stop to amaze with the variety and the beauty of mother nature. For the birders it is a dream come true.
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The list of birds that I saw is as given under, there are a lot of variety that I did not recognise - I have a few pictures of them as well that I will list separately.
1.   Ashy Prinia
2.   Blue Fronted Redstart
3.   Black Bulbul
4.   Black Throated Tit
5.   Red Junglefowl
6.   Chestnut Bellied Nuthatch
7.   Common Myna
8.   Common Tailorbird
9.   Crimson Sunbird
10.  Great Tit
11.  Blue Fronted Redstart
12.  Grey Treepie
13.  Himalayan Bulbul
14.  House Sparrow
15.   Indian Robin
16.   Jungle Babbler
17.   Khalij Pheasant
18.   Large Billed Crow
19.   Oriental Magpie Robin
20.   Pied Bushchat
21.   Red Billed Blue Magpie
22.   Red Billed Leiothrix
23.   Himalayan Bluetail
24.   Red Vented Bulbul
25.   Rufous Bellied Woodpecker
26.   Rufous Chinned Laughingthrush
27.   Rufous Treepie
28.   Russet Sparrow
29.   Streaked Laughingthrush
30.   White Capped Water Redstart
31.   White Crested Laughingthrush
32.   Common Hoopoe
33.   XX____XX Bunting
34.   Crested Serpent Eagle
35.   Oriental White eye
36.   Grey Headed Woodpecker
This is in no way the complete list. Since I do not write down as I see the birds - this is what I remember/recollect from the photographs. There is a fairly wide variety that I did not recollect the names and the Stalwarts were not there to prompt me/tell me. The book was taking just too long to refer to.
...I also have to remember to take more tea and snacks with me next time.