Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A new blog

I wanted to start a new Blog on Photography - but then I already have four semi-dead blogs and here I am naming an old one from 'My Life' to My Photography. With time I have been jumping from one hobby to another. The photography is my passion now and would like to share what I can with everyone.

I don't know - whether in the times of facebook and twitter - blogging still holds a position - but then where is the harm??

How did I start on the photography? well - I was always interested - right from the time I could not afford a camera - to the time I was gifted 'Click' (a simply pinhole camera) and then moving on to Canon Eos 550D today.

The Spider..

I have Canon 550D and there the story of my love affair with photography got a new twist. I always loved photography but then on a point and shoot I was not getting the life I wanted in my photographs. After a long wait I decided to say - "what the hell..." and picked up Canon 550 D. I had been using Nikon  and liked Nikon cameras - but then after doing a fair bit of research and digging into my pockets as deep I could - picked this model. Another reason - I was given to understand that nature photography shines with Canon. 
I started with the kit lens, bought another 70/250mm but perhaps outgrew them fast. 
This above photograph is with the new 100mm macro that I bought to treat my Canon.
The story behind this photo?? well I walked the garden to get some good macros and no insect or flower wanted to stay still even for a second. Then I came across this spider - that was spinning its web and was doing it with a great sense of urgency. I too made it an ego and went on to click almost a 100 photographs before I found the one I a sort of liked. That is the photograph above. Hope you enjoy it...