Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Do you have to time to Live life?.....

My daughter

Brother's daughter, His son, My son and My daughter

Must try this after a drink

Everywhere I see - I see depression, tension and people spiralling down in the lives, not living -- just marking their days -- passing time, wishing that the day goes by - waiting eagerly for the next day and when that arrives not knowing what to do with it. What has gone wrong? I see that the divorce has become everyday affair. Was materially being more comfortable meant to give us more problems? Or was it to solve our everyday problems? The satisfaction is just not there -- in our work, in play, in family, in children, in friends..... where do we head from here? Have we become our own slaves, slaves to a desires, slaves to time, slaves to our work? How do we break the rigmarole of daily routine and live our lives?

Sorry -- that's a sentence with too many question marks. But I do know about to put it across any other way. I was slipping through my album and saw the photographs of my daughter -- just born in my hands -- today I have discussions with her as we are good friends. I realised that time has flown by. I do not regret any moment of my life because I have tried to live it to the maximum - living within the self constraints of morals. And this is what I teach my children also -- I tell them whenever the times are bad to not wish them away -- because the time that goes by never comes back. I tried to explain to them live life whether it is good and bad or ugly to the fullest. Enjoy every moment that you live. In all this I have tried to throw in the salt of their responsibilities to the nature, society and each other. I am sure and pray that they will be good citizens of tomorrow.

I wanted to ask - what does ' living life' mean? Does it have a separate meaning for me and for others? are now trying to press an early retirement from this uniform -- make some neat money and spend the time I like doing the most. Nature, photography, reading, music, movies and of course donating to the poor FIIs.

hell -- too much time daydreaming -- let me get back to work.


Uma said...

1. Don't quit that job, till you are in net profits with the trading.

2. Cute little kiddies! No gambling away their future ok?
My dad quit his job too soon and I was working full time at 20 and never went to college. Luckily I made my own killing with freelance writing, a lot of which I have now squandered in markets.
You getting me? Do not, ever, gamble away their future.
I am single, I can do anything I want. But I don't want to wind up on the footpath either...I HOPE I won't.

S S Cheema said...

Yeah I get you Uma - I intend arranging for an alternate before I think of quitting. Still a distant 2 1/2 years minimum.