Monday, 5 December 2016

River Lapwing - Near Threatened...

I have seen Lapwings in three countries I have visited and to my mind Lapwings can be divided into two distinct types - the first ones the have successfully adapted to human way of life and live in close proximity - irritating but survivors. The second are the shy birds avoiding humans and not comfortable in their proximity and these are the ones who have suffered the most at the hands of humans. I will not say the there are prosecuted by humans but indirectly have suffered by actions of humans.
River Lapwing
Today I speak about such a bird that has suffered in the hands of humans - not directly but indirectly - mainly because of degraded and highly polluted quality of water in the rivers and streams, redirection of water via pipelines and brick-lined canals. Infact many a places in Punjab the brick lined canals are also a story of the past - the water canals are being replaced by underground pipelines leaving little or no flowing water for the birds at all. Next big problem has been of hydro-electric power schemes that stop water when most required and on other times release water without warning.
For a bird with such a wide range - it is nothing but sad that it is struggling to survive.
I have been so far been lucky to see this bird at not less than two to three locations close to my house (50 - 100 km range) - but each subsequent visit the quality of water is visibly degrading. I will not say that I am seeing any less birds but then I am just observing them and not doing so in any scientific manner. 

The status of this bird is unlikely to be more than 15000 birds and Annual Asian Waterfowl count has never produced more than 500 birds. 

The bird has its crest being displayed during breeding season and on other times when trying to ensure the territorial supremacy. Once again it is pleasure observing the bird with its crest up.
Ah hoy ! Crest up ! Crest up !
Before you move on look at the feet of the bird - no hind toe...


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