Thursday, 15 December 2016

Birds in my Yard... Nashik

As expected the stay in nashik for whatever time - was likely to be a busy one. All the same I am lucky enough that there are enough birds in my yard to keep me busy and occupied. This sunday was a great one with goo sightings. Though the birds did try their best to test my paitence - but then I could shoot a couple of them to my satisfaction.

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Unknown said...

Nice shots sir. Eager to join the corp soon. have cleared PABT awaiting meds. Have a query sir,
1.Applied for Army Avn in may 2012 but got posted to RR. Cleared PABT n meds while in RR, but did not feature in merit list. Reason communicated was a clause. spoke to the Tiger n got permission to apply again, and tiger has given approval for giving in writing for one offr to be on supernumary strength. What r my chances tht i'll make the merit list this time sir?